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Micadd is a centre of excellence in CAD\CAM, Computerized Accountancy & Software training. We endeavour to equip professionals with complete skills to propel their career & lives towards excellence.Our wide range of domain experience paired with our customized delivery strategy responds to every need by offering individual, tailor-made training and not just packaged products.The most important thing in today’s field is choosing the right organization to learn and implement something.Here you will find a variety of courses that will help you achieve something big in your life.As a result of our course, you will receive a certificate as well as knowledge, and we are 100% confident that you will also get your first job after completing it.It is your responsibility to choose the best for your life out of what we work on and what we give.

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“I completed my Java course here To achieve my dream, I am currently working for one of the best organizations. They have taught me a lot about the business..”
Saniya Ansari
“I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineeringI have learned AutoCAD from here after completing this course.As of today, I am working towards my dream and achieving it.”
Siddharth patil
“In order to support my family after completing my 10th standard, I am looking for an opportunity to do something so I enrolled in an IT course and am earning a living at the moment.”
Rahul Yadav
“Amazing Organization to achieved somthing big in your life.”
Atif Shaikh