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Learning Excel increases your value in the job market. Excel skills are highly valued by employers because of the variety of ways it can be leveraged. By attending Excel courses, you will learn more advanced ways to use Excel that will help you stand out in the job market.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data organising platform made to minimise the clutter and maximise the value of data. The platform contains spreadsheets which combine rows and columns for the organisation, calculation, and manipulation of data. As the growth of globalisation and e-commerce is generating huge volumes of data than ever before, companies aim to hire individuals skilled in advanced Excel. Enrolling in an online Advanced Excel training not only opens multiple doors of lucrative jobs but also allows the students of various fields to affordably learn new skills from experts.

2.Scope of Course

It is a program for organizing, formatting, and calculating data with formulas. Excel is extensively used for accounting and finance functions. It is a data management tool and the most commonly used data in excel is financial data. Companies run accounting, budgeting, and forecasting functions in Excel spreadsheets.

3.Career Prospects / Job Roles
  • Financial Analysts. Financial Analysts are expected to know MS Excel inside out. 
  • Retail Store Managers. A Retail Store Manager is in charge of maintaining and running the daily operations of a store. 
  • Project Managers. 
  • Business Analysts. 
  • Data Journalists. 
  • Accountants.
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