Data Science is used in many industries in the world today, e.g. banking, consultancy, healthcare, and manufacturing.



Data Science /Data Analysis (most highlighted course)

 Training & Certification Course


Data Science is about data gathering, analysis and decision-making.

Data Science is about finding patterns in data, through analysis, and make future predictions.

By using Data Science, companies are able to make:

  • Better decisions (should we choose A or B)
  • Predictive analysis (what will happen next?)
  • Pattern discoveries (find pattern, or maybe hidden information in the data)
2.Scope of Course

With data being termed as the future oil for organizations, analytics have become an engine that drives it to arrive at meaningful insights. The powerful combination of both is what is driving the future scope of data science. All across the globe, organizations are innovating multiple methods to harness data and use this powerful tool to drive their businesses.

The confluence of massive data influx and the need to harness this huge amount of data has together built a big job market in data science. Termed as “one of the sexiest jobs in 2021” by the Harvard Business Review, data science has introduced a whole new array of jobs to the market. Especially in a developing country like India, there is scope for huge data-related operations such as data scientists, data analytics, big data engineers, big data managers, and data architects.


3.Career Prospects / Job Roles

Future of Data Science 2030 is estimated to bring opportunities in various areas of banking, finance, insurance, entertainment, telecommunication, automobile, etc. A data scientist will help grow an organization by assisting them in making better decisions.

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