Typing Kannada/English

 Training & Certification Course


Typing is now an essential part of almost every job imaginable. It helps you complete your work faster and more efficiently, be comfortable with the computer, and help to communicate with coworkers and superiors.

2.Scope of Course

Accurate typing skills can give you an edge with certain jobs–especially positions that involve data entry or transcription. An online typing job can look like a freelance writer gig, a data entry position, or even a professional translator job.

3.Career Prospects / Job Roles
  • Transcriptionist. Transcriptionists translate audio recordings into typed documents. 
  • Journalism. 
  • Coders. 
  • Data Entry. 
  • Social Media Management. 
  • Remote Translation Jobs. 
  • Subtitling. 
  • Personal Virtual Assistant.
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